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Consultancy Services

Strata and Community Title Consultancy

Synergy Strata offers a wide range of consultancy services. Our extensive portfolio which covers all aspects of Strata and Community Title Management extends from the Central Coast, through Newcastle and the Hunter Valley and extends to the far north coast of NSW.


Synergy offers development consulting on the following types of schemes:

  • Strata Title
  • Community Title
  • Commercial Developments
  • Industrial Developments
  • Mixed-use Developments
  • Neighbourhood Associations
  • Residential – Town Houses, Villas & Units
  • Retirement & Serviced Apartments
  • Resort  and Retail Developments
  • Stratum Developments

Existing developments:

We offer existing schemes advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Suitable titling and operational structure
  • Advice on By-law referral, advice and lodgement
  • Review existing management structures
  • Strata plan subdivisions and conversions
  • Advice on the management and resolution of disputes between members and owners corporations.
  • Strata Mediation and Adjudication advice
  • GST assistance and unit entitlement changes
  • Transfer of existing plans from another managing agent.
  • Project Management of Home Owners Warranty Insurance claims
  • Strata and Community Title Management advice at the planning stages of your strata plan or development including community and building management statements.
  • General assistance and advice.
  • Compulsory Management Appointment.

Synergy Strata has a proven track record in its project oriented approach to the development services offered to clients. We aim to establish a partnership with the developer to ensure that all facets pertaining to the proposed development have been discussed and addressed and pride ourselves in the supervision of new development projects from the drawing board to completion.

Developers are often unsure when they should engage the services of a suitably qualified strata manager. In many instances a strata manager is not approached until the property has been registered, or when a problem arises.

Project oriented approach offered to developers by Synergy achieves significant benefits in the long-term management of a project, especially when our services are engaged at the very early stages in order to provide valuable expert advice on preliminary plans or assistance in the drafting of management statements.

It is at this early stage that potential problems can be identified and addressed thus preventing future and potentially costly changes being needed. From our wealth of experience and expert corporate knowledgeSynergy can identify and resolve pitfalls in proposed developments that often pose long-term management problems or more importantly can impact on the marketability of a development.

We will become your partner from Day One in order to overcome any potential strata and management problems. We consult with all parties during the preliminary planning stages.

Pre-Consultancy issues include but are not limited to the following:

  • Arrange preparation of strata plan and/or liaise with surveyor
  • Advice on common property areas, lot boundaries, exclusive use areas and registration of same
  • Streamline the process of the strata plan through Council and registration
  • Assist with the preparation and drafting of by-laws to ensure they cover all aspects necessary for the particular scheme
  • Liaise with the developers lawyers on By-law, Building Management statements, caretaker/manager agreements and sales contract preparation
  • Expert advice and input into drafting Management Statements.
  • Budget estimate preparation and presentation
  • Arranging appropriate insurance coverage for the scheme in accordance with the requirements of the strata Schemes Management Act 1996
  • Liaising with the developer throughout the development process


Upon registration of your property, Synergy Strata will undertake the following:

  • Immediately arrange insurance cover in accordance with the requirements of the strata Schemes Management Act 1996.
  • Convene and hold the Inaugural General Meeting in liaison with the developer.
  • Attend to any particular requirements of the scheme
  • Supply all books and records required for the ongoing management
  • Following expiry of the initial period we will, on the developers’ behalf, convene and hold the First Annual General Meeting, required under the Act.
  • Open all necessary bank accounts
  • Undertake all statutory requirements of original owner and Owners Corporation including issuing of Section 109 certificates to allow for settlement to occur.
  • Undertake a site inspection of the property


Synergy is able to issue Section 109 certificates within 24 hours after the registration of a scheme or plan, if we help you manage the registration process which can amount to thousands of dollars saved in interest through facilitating your earliest possible retirement of your financing.

For more information on the development services offered, please contact one of our three offices. You will find our contact details here.