Synergy Strata Management provides best practice strata management services with expertise in Facility and Building Management.

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Facility and Building Management

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Synergy Strata Management provides best practice strata management services to protect the value of our clients assets.


The team at Synergy Strata Management understands first and foremost that the interests of the owners corporation are paramount. We work collaboratively with the executive of the owners corporation to ensure that issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. We therefore place a high level of importance on communication. 

We also understand that the buildings we manage are the homes and investments of unit holders which need to be preserved. We maintain the value of the buildings we manage through pro-active management and preventative maintenance. Our maintenance strategies and processes have been refined over years of experience in managing both residential and commercial assets. 

We go the extra mile to ensure that the value of your asset is retained.

Larger and more complex apartment buildings require a different level of  attention compared with smaller developments due to the presence of lifts, mechanical plant, and centralised access control systems. 

Our team has extensive experience in facility and building management of both commercial and residential multi-level properties. Rather than have our strata managers responsible for all aspects of managing the property, we allow them to focus on financial and compliance aspects while our facility managers focus on managing the preventative maintenance. 

Our cloud based management platform maintains records of scheduled maintenance to ensure that your property is maintained and compliant at all times.

All service records are held in our office and can be viewed whenever required by the members of the Corporation.

Synergy Strata Management has partnered with specialist conveyancing firm, Stevens Partners to provide developers with an holistic solution when establishing a Strata or Community Title Scheme. Through this partnership we are able to offer developers the following services:

  • Preparation of Strata Scheme descriptions

  • Strata By Laws

  • Unit Entitlements

  • Budget Preparation

In our experience, there can be a disconnect between the establishment of the Strata or Community Scheme and the handover to a Body Corporate Manager. By taking our integrated approach all parties are involved in the scheme from the outset which provides for significantly smoother transition once the property is completed. There are also synergies with the transfer of information which assists with developer compliance.

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